1.   National Scholarship : Deserving students are selected by the Govt. of Orissa in order of merit.

Research Activities of the College

Research Projects run by the College

Under UGC Assistance

  1. Role of Voluntary Organizations � By Dr. S. K. Mishra, Sr. Lect. in Pol. Sc.

  2. Odisara Soukhin Natyasanstha � By. B. N. Samal, Lect. in Oriya

  3. Problems and Prospects of Shifting Cultivation in the Context of Paudi Bhuiyan of Orissa � By Dr. B. K. Khilar, Lect. in Anth.

  4. Life & Philosophy of -Malati Choudhury Dr.R.K.Samal ,Reader in Oriya





Self Funding

  1. Studies on Fluoride Pollution in Ground Water of Angul – Talcher Industrial Complex – By Dr. G. N. Sahu, Lect. in Zoology & Dr. B. K. Garnaik, Lect. in Chem.

  2. Impact of Pollutants on Flora of Talcher Area – By Dr. Y. N. Behera, Sr. Lect. in Botany


Publication of the college

Publication of Saroj Kumar Rath, Lect. In Physics.

Fibonacci structure in conch shell



  1. Tribal development in India. – Edited by Dr. S. K. Mishra.(2007)

  2. Sampratik Odia Sahityare Loka Sanskrutira Prabhaba – Edited by B. N. Samal (2007)

  3. Creative Writing, Globalization and Indian Experience – Edited by G. S. Mohapatra (2007)

4. Empowerment of Women – A Study of Women Councilors of Talcher Municipality – By S. K. Mishra & T. R. Paltasingh 

5. Environmental Degradation and impact Assessment in mining and industrial Areas- edited by Y.N.Behera   (2008)

Publications of Dept. of Anthropology

Dr. Pratap Kumar Singh, M.A., Ph. D., Ex. Reader, Anthropology

Research Topic:- “Palaeo Anthropology of Central Orissa”.

Research investigator – Impact of Ashram School education on the tribal Society of Orissa – N.C.E.R.T. sponsored project 1967-69

Papers presented in National and International Seminars and Symposiums:-

  1. Forest Ecosystem as affected by shifting cultivation. UGC sponsored symposium on “Man and forest Eco-system” held in P.G. Deptt. Of Anthropology, Vani Vihar-1981

  2. “Palaeoanthrapology of Central Orissa” published in “MANAV” – vol – 1 – 1982-83.

  3. Paper Read and Discussed – Cultural succession of prehistoric culture of Central Orissa – Indian Sc. Congress – 1985 – Lucknow. The topic is published in the book – Current Anthropological and Archeological Perspective – Ed. By K.L. Bhowmik in culture of the past – 1985

  4. “The function of the perforated stone”, Paper read, discussed in 73SC congress held in Bangalore – 1987

  5. “Pre-Historic Antiguities of Orissa”, Paper read, discussed in 74SC Congress held in Bangalore – 1987

  6. “Belapada, a Lower Palacolithic site in Brahmins Basin in Central Orissa”

  7. “Modes of Lithic Technology in Central Orissa”, Paper presented in Institute of Oriental and Orissa Studies, 1988

  8. “Neolithic Culture of Manner, Central Orissa”, Read and paper published in “The Journal 1988-89 of Anthropological Society of Orissa”.

  9. “Jamunali of Palaeothic site in Central Orissa”, Paper read in Indian SC Congress held in Madurai – 1989

  10. “Kamalanga – Mangalpur – The twin palaeoithic site in Orissa”, Paper read and participated in Indian SC Congress in Cochin – 1990

  11. “The Food gathering economic of Malhar Tribe of Central Orissa”, Paper accepted for presentation in Indo-pacific Pre-historic Association of 14th Congress held in Yogyakanta Indonesia, Aug-1990

  12. The new evidence of Neolithic Culture of Brahmani basin in Central Orissa, Paper accepted for presentation in Indian Science Congress held at Indore, 1991

  13. “The least known tribe, the Malhars of Central Orissa”, Paper presented in the Seminar on Analysis of History and Culture of the Tribals of Orissa and their way of national integration, organized by Center for Advanced Studies in History and Culture held at Bhubaneswar, Nov 25, 1990

  14. “Mesolithic Cultures of Central Orissa”, Paper presented in Indian Science Congress held at Baroda, 1992

  15. “Panchamahala a Lower Palaeolithic Site in Central Orissa”, Paper presented in Indian Science Congress, 1994, Jaipur

  16. Brahmanian Technique developed by the Palaeolithic races of Central Orissa, Paper presented at The symposium organized by Archaeology and Anthropology of Indian Science Congress, 1995, Kolkata

Dr.B.K. Khilar, Lect in Anthropology

  1. Lithic Cultures around Deo River basin, Orissa. “MANAV”, Vol-6, 1997.

  2. Stone age antiquities around Deo river basin. Paper presented in Indian Science Congress, 1993

Dr. Shishir Kumar Kanungo, Ex. Reader in Anthropology

  1. Text Book “Nrutatwa Parichaya (Oriya)”, Published by Sabyasachi Kanungo, Cuttack

Dr. Bibasini Rath, Lect. In Anthropology

Attended a workshop on

  1. “Human Development in Tribal Areas and Role of Women”, Organized by Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Research cum Training Institute (SCSTRT), Bhubaneswar from March 15-19, 2005

  2. “Status of Women and Participation in Income Generation Scheme”, Organized by International Labour Organization, Geneva, at Colombo from May 1-10, 1994


1.      Y.N. Behera and B. Biswal (1990), Env. And Exp. Bot. 30, 181-186 (Pergamon Press)

2.      Y.N. Behera and B. Biswal (1990) J. Plant Physiol. 136, 480-483 (Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttagart)

3.      Y.N. Behera and N.K. Choudhury (1986) Orissa Bot. Soc. 8, 15-19

Papers Presented in National and International Conferences

4.      Y.N. Behera and B.Biswal (1987), Photoregulation of Senescence in Fern Leaves, National Symposium on Photobiology held at Lucknow, 1987

5.      Y. N. Behera and B. Biswal (1988), Regulation of Senescence in Fern Leaves, National Seminar on Recent Advances in Growth Regulator Research held at Jodhpur, India, 1988

6.      Y. N. Behera and B. Biswal (1988), Photoregulation of Chloroplast Degradation in Fern Leaves, Indo-US workshop on application of Molecular Biology in Bioenergetics of Photosynthesis held at New Delhi, 1988

7.      Y.N. Behera and B.Biswal (1988), Less of Chlorophyl in Fern Leaves treated with Light and Kinetin, International Conference on Plant growth substances held at Calgary, Canada, 1988

8.      Y.N. Behera  and  B. Biswal (1989), Photochrome Regulation of Oxygen Evolving System during senescence of Fern Leaves, European Symposium on Photomorphogenesis in plants, Freiburg, West Germany, 1989

9.      Y.N. Behera and B. Biswal (2005), Phytochrome induced changes in the Hill reaction activity during Fern Leaf Senescence, 17th Symposium of Indian Photobiology Society, Feb 19-21, 2005


  1. Influence of Substituents on the Synthesis of Thiazolidinones, Indian Journal of Chemistry, 779-781, 26B, 1987.

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  6. Studies on Thiazolidinones. Part – XIX. Synthesis of Thiazolidinones and their Derivatives from 2-Hydrazinobenzo-thiazole, J. Indian Chem. Soc., 407-408, 67, 1990.

  7. Investigation of Water Quality of Brahmani River, Indian J. Environ. Hlth., 33, 45-50, 1991.


Publications of Dr. Debi Prasad Mishra, Reader in History

  1. “Peoples Revolt in Orissa”, Atlantic Publishers and Distributors, New Delhi, 1998

  2. “Prajamandal Movement in Talcher – A Glimpse”, UGC sponsored national seminar, P G Department of History, Berhampur University, 22-24 December, 1988

  3. “Prajamandal Movement in Talcher “, Orissa Review, January 1989

  4. “Gandhiji and Talcher Agitation “, Orissa Review, 1991

  5. “All India State Peoples Conference”, Orissa Review, January 1992

  6. Bethi that spea the Residence movement in Orissa before 1933, in National Seminars, U.U, March 2008.

  7. “August Revolution in Talcher”, Paper read at Orissa History Congress, V.N. College, Jajpur, 21-22 March 1993

Publications of Dr. Ashok Kumar Samal

  1. “Paschimeswar O Dhyani Budha Murti”(in Oriya), Souvenir Talcher Book Fair, 2005

  2. “Prachya O Paschatya Sabhyata – Utkaliya Sanskrutire Bideshi Prabhaba”(in Oriya), Sanskruti

       Sri V.Parida & B.B.Sahoo, Lecturer in History Residence movement in Orissa before 1933, in National      Seminars, S.U, March 2008.

Annexure - XVIII


a. Dr. S.K. Mishra, Sr. Reader. In Oriya

  1. Criticism on “Aranya Phasala’ in Saptarshi, Sambalpur University, Sep. 1977

  2. Life and Culture of Tribals in Saptarshi, Sambalpur University, Oct. 1977

  3. Poetry and Asthetics in Saptarshi, Sambalpur University, May. 1978

  4. Poet Nanda Kishor and Oriya Poetry in Saptarshi, Sambalpur University, Sep. 1976

  5. Souvenir on Jagarnath Cult(Ed.) , 1983

  6. Poetry of Bhima Bhoi at UGC Seminar held at Sonepur College, 2000

b.  Dr. P. K. Rath, Sr. Reader. In Oriya

  1. Talcher Praja Mandal Andolan(a book) published in 2002

c.  Sri Biranchi Narayan Samal, Lect. In Oriya

  1. Criticism on Oriya Literature – “Bhirnna Drushti, Bhirnna Diganta”(Ed.), District Literary Association, Angul, 2005

  2. “Bahni Balaka” in Oriya (Ed.), 2004

  3. “Adhunika Kabitare Veera Rasa” in Oriya in Rasapranga O Oriya Sahitya, Syamantaka Prakashani, Bhadrak, 2002

  4. “Janaki Ballabha Mohanty, Kabitare Premara Swarupa”, in Eka Nadi, Aneka Prabaha, Ed. By Dr. K.N. Mallick, Friends Publisher, Cuttack, 1999

D. Dr.R.K.Samal, Reader in Oriya Galpa Nayak Basant Kumar Satapathy, Bijayaini Publications, Cuttack,2008


Publications of Dr. Shishir Kumar Mishra, Reader, Pol. Sc.

Papers / Articles published / presented

  1. “Biswanath Das as an ideal Prime Minister of Orissa” in Biswanath Das: A Study (Ed) Prof. S. Nanda, Burla, 1990

  2. “Legislators of Angul: An Introduction” in History of Angul(Oriya) Ed., A. Patnaik, Angul, 1993

  3. “Nehru and Tribal Development” in Nehru and The People’s Movement, (Ed) Sharma, Patnaik & Mohanty, Manak Publications, New Delhi, 1997

  4. “Administration of Welfare Programmes for the Deprived People” in Orissa Political Science Journal, Vol. III, 1986-87

  5. “Role of the Elite in National Integration” in Orissa Political Science Journal, Vol. VIII, 1987-88

  6. “The Orissa Legislative Assembly as the Guardian of the Weaker Sections” in Orissa Political Science Journal, Vol. IX, 1989-90

  7. “Legislators of Talcher: A Brief Introduction” in Souvenir of Talcher Book fair, 2004

  8. “Economic Development of Orissa: A Study in Political Prospective” in Souvenir of the Orissa Economic Association Conference, February 1999.

  9. “Union-State Relationship in the Administration of Programmes for Achievement of Social Justice”. Paper presented at Indian Public Administration Association Conference, Sambalpur University, April 1984.

  10. “Dr. Ambedkar’s Saga of Struggle for the Achievement of Social Justice”. Presented at UGC National Seminar on Dr. Ambedkar at Nayagarh College, Nayagargh, 1991.

  11. “Democratic Governance and Multiculturalism in Orissa” at International Seminar on Multiculturalism, P.G. Dept. of Pol. Sc., Utkal University and Center for Governmental Services, Indiana State University, USA, December 2003

  12. “The Role of The State in Fostering Value Based Education”. Paper presented at Seminar on “Education and Values”, Saraswati Vidyamandir, NALCO Nagar, Angul, March 2004.

  13. “The Need For Review of the Constitution of India: Necessity of Enlargement of Basic Freedom”. Paper presented at UGC sponsored National Seminar on Review of the Constitution, Sambalpur University, Burla, April 2004.

  14. “Impact of Globalization on South Asia”. Paper presented at National Conference on South Asia at Utkal University, Vanivihar on September, 2005.

  15. Women and Rural Development in Orissa in Utkal Journal of Political Science, P.G, Dept of Pol.Sc, UU, 2008

Refresher Courses Attended

  1. Refresher Course in Political Science, Sambalpur University, Burla, January 2002

  2. Refresher Course in Political Science, Utkal University, Vanivihar, Bhubaneswar, December 2004.


In International Journals

1.     Ultrastructure and characteristics of eggshells of olive ridley turtle, Lepidochelys olivacea, from Gahirmatha, India.

G. Sahoo, B.K. Mohapatra, R.K. Sahoo & P. Mohanty-Hejmadi.

Acta Anatomica, 1996; 156:261-267.

2.    Calcium metabolism in olive ridley turtle eggs during embryonic development.

G. Sahoo, R.K. Sahoo & P. Mohanty-Hejmadi.

Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology, Part A 1998; 121:91-97.

In National Journals

3.  Contrasting ultrastructures in the eggshells of olive ridley turtles, Lepidochelys olivacea, from Gahirmatha, Orissa.

G. Sahoo, B.K. Mohapatra, R.K. Sahoo & P. Mohanty-Hejmadi.

Current Science, 1996; 70:246-249. 

4. Distribution of heavy metals in the eggs and hatchlings of olive ridley sea   turtles, Lepidochelys olivacea, from Gahirmatha, Orissa.

G. Sahoo, R.K. Sahoo & P. Mohanty-Hejmadi.

Indian J. Marine Science, 1996; 25:371-371.

5.  Some biological characteristics ob Bay of Bengal along the Orissa coast    during February, 1994

G. Sahoo, M. R. Prasad & R.K. Sahoo

J. Zool. Soc. India. 2000;40-41:59-66.

In Seminar Volumes

6. Biology of Olive ridleys of Gahirmatha, Orissa, India.

P.Mohanty-Hejmadi & G. Sahoo.

Proc. 14th Annual Symp. Sea turtle Biology & Conservation. NOAA Tech. Mem. NMFS-SEFCS;1994; 351:90-92.

7. Heavy metals content in sediments of estuarine and coastal region of Orissa

P.K. Panigrahy, G. Sahoo, et al.,

 Proc. Indian Nat. Conf. Harbour & Ocean Engineering, 1994; II:G23-G30

8. Nutrient charactristics of coastal waters of Orissa

P.K. Panigrahy, J. Das, M.R. Prasad, G. Sahoo, B.N. Sahu & S.B. Rao

 Advances in Environmental Chemistry. Ed. C.S.P. Iyer; 1997:130-137.