Co-Curricular Activities


The boys NCC crop has functioning since 1975 and that for girls since2004.The N.C.C. Cadets are permitted to join the service of the B.S.F.( Boarder Security Force), C.R.P.( Central Reserve Police), Reserve Police of different states, Fire Brigade and as Security Officers of different organizations, The Govt. of India has decided that N.C.C will be given 5,10 and 15 marks respectively more in selection to the C.R.P. and to the B.S.F.An ordinary graduate having to his credit c Certificate of the N.C.C. can apply for the post of Sub- Inspector and Sergeant of Police if they have passed C and B certificate of the N.C.C respectively. a)A cadet enrolled in the N.C.C. has no liability to render active service in any of the armed forces of the Union. b) A cadet shall obey and carry out order and direction of any person who is placed in the command over him raise.