College Crest

The lamp at the apex symbolizes the light of wisdom that dispels the darkness of ignorance and heralds the light of knowledge and enlightenment. The Book below is the repository of knowledge. Its open page invites the inquisitive minds to intellectuals pursuits .The lotus flower on which the book rests reflects beauty, sanctity, delicacy, and fragrance. Below the book on the left is the Thermal Power Station of Talcher and the Coal Mines on the right. They mirror Talchers distinctions in the world. Towards the right is the symbolic picture of the annual religious festival of goddess Hingula, the presiding deity of the region. The lower portion of the crest is adorned with sheaves of corns that speak of the traditional agrarian culture of the local people despite industrialization. The motto on the basement of the crest implises that the college clings firmly to the high ideals of truth and beauty synonymous with God.