College Examination

1.During each academic session there shall be Test Examination for +2 IInd Yr., +3 Ist Yr., +3 IInd Yr. and +3 IIIrd Yr. students in December, 1st Terminal and Annual Examination for +2 1st Yr. students in December and February respectively.
2. Student shall be promoted / sent up on due consideration of the results of 1st Terminal, Annual, Pre-Test and Test Examination respectively. One set of rule shall be followed for promotion etc. unless of courses it is specifically changed by the Chairman, Staff Council. Marks secured at the periodical examinations shall be given due weightage, if required.
3. The students who absent himself from any college examination without prior permission of the Principal will be fined as it will be decided by the staff council He is also liable to be disqualified from appearing at the University Examination. In extraordinary cases exemption from fine may be granted on production of authentic certificates. In any case such certificates should be produced before the publication of the results.
4. A student who adopts unfair means shall be penalized. This may disqualify him/her for promotion or being sent up in addition to the fine imposed. The decision of the Chairman. Staff Council in this regard is final.